Placenta Encapsulation

Price: $250


  • We will pick up your placenta from your birth location or home, generally within 24 hours after birth
  • The placenta will be prepared based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique which includes steaming with lemon, ginger, and jalapeno then dehydrated and encapsulated in size 0 vegetarian capsules
  • You will receive approximately 100 – 140 capsules (depending on the size of your placenta) packaged in a glass jar
  • One “Tree of Life” blood print on artist’s quality paper (additional prints available)
  • When possible, we will prepare an umbilical cord keepsake (heart/spiral/etc.) in an organza bag
  • Recommended storage and usage instruction pamphlet
  • Delivery of the completed package to your home, generally within 3-5 days of pick-up

Add On: Full-Color Tree of Life prints created with food-safe ink $25ea

Why should I encapsulate & consume my placenta?

Nearly every mammal on earth consumes their placenta after giving birth and many human cultures around the world routinely do too! There are many reasons why – here are some of the most commonly reported benefits in humans:

  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Better overall mood
  • Fewer instances of “baby blues”
  • Feeling more balanced or centered
  • Increased milk supply

The Encapsulation Process

We process placentas for encapsulation using a technique based on the Traditional Chinese Medicinal Method

  • We start by gently prepping and steaming the placenta over a pot filled with lemon, jalapeno, and ginger
  • The placenta is then sliced thinly and set to dehydrate for up to 24 hours
  • Once it is fully dry, it is ground into a fine powder and filled into vegetarian capsules which are then stored in a glass jar
  • The capsules are then taken by the birthing parent as needed

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